Giancarlo Mancino

Originally from Pignola, a small hill-top village in the centre of the region of Basilicata in southern Italy, Giancarlo has spent his life working with the very best in the craft bar and restaurant industry, becoming one of the world’s most awarded and respected bartenders.

giancarlo mancino

Giancarlo’s passion for seeking out authentic and home-grown flavours led him to discover a small family-run distillery in Asti, Piedmont, in the north-west of Italy. The distillery, established over 60 years ago in 1957, inspired him to compose his own brand of Vermouth using only the finest hand-picked herbs, botanicals, and spices. With his penchant for reviving classic cocktails, Giancarlo noticed modern vermouths lacked the depth and charisma of the golden years. He dreamt of bringing back vermouth made in an authentic, classic style, as it would have tasted back in the 1900s. A vermouth to be enjoyed equally on its own and as the perfect companion in cocktails - not fading into the background of a drink, but instead creating a symphony of flavours when mixed with other quality spirits and ingredients.

The traditions
of the original

Following the traditions of the original vermouth makers, Giancarlo set out to revive the intricate flavours of the past, creating three distinct recipes from a selection of forty types of botanicals, infused with only quality Italian wine. Trebbiano di Romagna was the perfect choice of wine for Mancino Vermouth from Turin: dry, white and red, as well as for the 12-month barrel-aged Mancino Vecchio. While for the richness of Mancino Chinato, Giancarlo selected Barbera d’Asti for its added depth and complexity.



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